2016 Moab Rendezvous

Event Details

If extreme riding is your flavor, then the Moab Rendezvous will appeal to you. This event will test and improve your skills and your mental toughness out in the lonely landscape of the Moab, UT area. Yes, riding friends, we are putting on the first Rendezvous to be held in the most logical and friendly to OHV environments known to our community.

No matter the skill level there will be rides lead for all on various size Dual Sport and Adventure bikes.

*GPX files are for reference and you should always stay the trail as marked on the ground as trails can change over time. Moab is an interesting beast, a trail can seem easy and then get tough and as no one knows your skill level better then you on any certain bike your the best person to decide when you should turn around especially on self guided routes. We at RMAR always recommend 2-3 people be together as anything can happen.

Organization Rocky Mountain Adventure Riders

Pack Creek Campground

Start Date 2016-09-07
End Date 2016-09-11
Website http://www.rmariders.org/2016-moab-rendezvous.html
Name Date/Time Rally Point Difficulty People Leader
Thursday, September 8
1 Hey Joe Mine 8 Sep, 9:00 AM TBA Intermediate N/A
2 Steel Bender to Prichett to Kane Canyon 8 Sep, 9:30 AM TBA Expert N/A
3 Enduro Loop (Haul Out) 8 Sep, 9:30 AM TBA Advanced N/A
4 Sovereign Trail Single Track 8 Sep, 9:40 AM TBA Advanced N/A
5 FinsNThings to Slickrock 8 Sep, 10:00 AM TBA Intermediate N/A
6 Onion Creek Loop 8 Sep, 10:00 AM TBA Beginner N/A
7 Chicken Corners 8 Sep, 10:30 AM TBA Beginner N/A