Rocky Mountain Adventure Riders

Our mission is to:
1. Positively Impact and Influence the lives of those that ride with us, respecting each other and supporting one another.
2. Promote Dual-Sport/Adventure Motorcycle Events in the Rocky Mountain Region with a focus on responsible and respectable behavior and riding on our public lands and in the local communities, adhering to all AMA policies and requirements.
3. Support fund-raisers for state and/or local trail riding clubs or Associations/Coalitions/Alliances that champion our sport and/or fight legislatively/politically for public land access for motorcycling.

RMAR accomplishes this mission by organizing and running off events throughout the Rocky Mountain region that provide outstanding riding opportunities and fundraiser for local advocacy and trail riding clubs.


Rmar organization


Name Start Date
2019 RMAR Adventure Rally and Africa Twin Event 2019-08-02
2016 Moab Rendezvous 2016-09-07
2016 Silverton Rendezvous 2016-07-27
2015 Meeker Rendezvous 2015-07-24
2015 Moab Rendezvous 2015-04-16