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Captain Jack's (Jones Park)

Total Miles (tracked): 22.62
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This singletrack just reopened for 2017 near Colorado Springs. Remember these are multi-use trails so there will be other trail traffic like hikers, hikers with dog and downhill mountain bikers.

Heading up Pipeline (668) and either direction on Mt Rosa (672) will give you a good workout.

A hard loop we recommend is 665 to 667 to 668 to 701 up to 672 then jump on the FR381 to 626 back to FR379 and then head back down 701 and pick your poison if you want to then do 668 down back to 667 and 665.

Another loop but easier that we recommend is 665 to 667 to 701 to FR379 to 626 to FR381 and south to Gold Camp Rd (Plate required) to Gold Camp and head over the Tunnel and out. Makes for a great loop, not overly hardcore but you do need that plate to do this.

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